Sonos purchase may possibly mean future speakers notably smaller in size

Sonos has made an useful buy, acquiring a Dutch startup business that has produced exceptionally compact and light speaker drivers.

The transaction could possibly show that, farther down the line, we may possibly see smaller and also lighter speakers created by Sonos, which has actually diversified into the arena of portable speakers in the last number of years.

Sonos CEO Patrick Spence claimed that Mayht's development in transducer technology will let Sonos to take yet another leap ahead in their product range so it could not take too long before the information the startup has amassed starts to enhance the more substantial organization's loudspeakers.

and more concerning the purchase will be released during the course of Sonos' upcoming earnings call in May, but it is extremely unlikely that we'll immediately experience a super lightweight Sonos speaker get announced.

More likely is that we will practically never even realise just what manages to change thanks to Mayht because a big a part of this kind of acquisition is about taking in either expertise and ip.

That being said, at a price of about $100 million, it's one more indication that Sonos is really wanting to set up and seal its place as a notable speaker company, rather than a more niche corporation.