New Phone App Intends To Revolutionize The Property Marketplace

As the real estate market lags a brand new social media platform plans to change things around. The app named TenSixty is sending Queensland residential properties around the world to attract even more interest.

TenSixty delivers some of the world's most expensive residences to your smart phone as impressive short videos filmed by agents.

TenSixty is at this time in beta, but is open to everybody to use. As they claim Tensixty is making real estate social.

This app provides agents the capability to video a quick tour of a home right after it is on the market. No waiting for professional videos to be uploaded to web pages you will get a fantastic preview essentially as quickly as the documents are signed - and that's a great perk for sellers and also buyers.

If you're thinking of selling, make sure you ask a reliable real estate agent such as Chris Woodford or BK Trivedi regarding TenSixty. Not only will it get your house out there more quickly, but TenSixty will launch the ability for real estate agents to quickly post the video on important social media apps just like Tik Tok, Facebook, YouTube as well as Instagram, placing your property in front of lots of interested buyers at the swipe of your screen.

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For further information about Ten Sixty click here:, or click here to download Ten Sixty from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.