Check out This Youtube Video of a Robot Peeling a Banana

From time to time some thing in the tech field makes our eyes brighten with excitement. Over the weekend break, this happened while checking out a video of a bot peeling a banana.

Well, there's a tonne of reasons this relatively simply approach is definitely so freaking great.

The execution of peeling a banana without scrunching it needs some rather outstanding expertise. As Reuters brings up, this dual-armed tool is only successful 57 percent of the time, nevertheless banana peeling points to a future where cyborgs undertake more subtle functions than what they're presently utilized for. It's learning and, as with everything, the technology can only get better.

In a video uploaded by New Scientist, you can observe the insane accuracy and reliability the bot peels the banana with.

Specialists from the University of Tokyo have designed a machine-learning unit that powers the robot. The video displays the robot's arms, each provided with two 'fingers', lightly revolve the banana and peel it back. It then takes care of the manual dexterity to move the banana so the whole peel can be, well, peeled off.

To make this venture occur, the research workers manually controlled the bot for 811 minutes and peeled dozens bananas, giving the bot the chance to learn the fine art of peeling for itself.

Gripping soft fruit is naturally a challenge for robots, which commonly lack the dexterity and nuanced touch to process things without ruining them. The asymmetrical form of fruit, as New Scientist explains, can also complicate the algorithms, or the bot's 'intellects'.

While still receiving more checking, the analysts feel that this robot instruction method can teach bots to accomplish a wide range of uncomplicated human tasks. They believe the better-trained robots can alleviate Japan's labour shortage concerns, as an example at food canning factories that are exceptionally dependent on human labour. The prospects this opens for anything from medicine as well as healthcare, assisting a human with limited movement, through to performing fiddly tasks in an assembly line, from there are fabulous.